Your company’s brand is a valuable asset especially if you’ve invested huge resources into developing it. You might offer the best product in the world, but unless the public are aware of it, you might not make a single sale. Hence, if you want your product to succeed in the market, creating brand awareness is absolutely important. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend millions like the corporate giants do, to boost exposure for your brand, the Internet along with some other modern guerilla marketing methods offers a lot of cost effective and powerful marketing methods to improve your brand exposure.

Here are 5 Powerful Modern Marketing Methods to Build Brand Awareness:

  • Take advantage of the internet
    Nearly all businesses are on the internet and most mobile phones have Internet access. Boost awareness of your brand by building a website. Seek the services of a search engine optimization company or get the knowledge yourself so that your website appears high in Web search results. You can also contact website owners in related businesses to check if you can place ads on their sites.
  • Create a social media presence
    Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be very important tools in creating brand awareness because they serve as mediums where customers talk about their lives, as well as their purchases and items they love. As soon as a customer likes your product and informs others about it, it goes a long way in increasing your brand awareness.
  • Advertise using traditional methods
    Even though the use of print media is decreasing owing to electronic communications, a lot of people still read the daily papers and magazines. You could use the declining relevance of print media to your benefit by working out deals on lower advertising rate. Make fascinating and attention-grabbing ads that visibly display your product and give details of its value. Make an effort to always insert your ads in the most prominent way possible and choose publications that get the attention of your target customers.
  • Sponsor public events
    If you host or promote a charity event, like a golf tournament, you can visibly display the name of your business or product to consumers. There are great advantages in having your name or logo before these potential customers and your products would be seen in a good light for helping charity. Make contact with local charities you support to see if they are interested in your sponsorship. Sponsoring a charity event can give you an opportunity to Network with business leaders, local politicians and media sources to broaden the reach of your product.
  • Display your product prominently in stores
    One of the best ways to boost the awareness of your brand is by putting it in potential customers’ line of view. Promote your product at locations where people gather, such as a check-out line. The more time a customer views your product, the more likely the customer would remember it. On a local store shelf, ensure your product is at eye level, so that it easy for customers to see and it draws the attention of even those who aren’t planning to buy it.