WordPress has been one of the most popular, if not the most popular, platform when it comes to CMS and blogging in countries all over the world. However, even after that popularity and against the many benefits it offers, WordPress still has a number of drawbacks that come with it. Following that, in this article will be compilation of WordPress’ pros and cons to help you decide if WordPress is the best to use for your website.

Pros of WordPress Website

Comparing with other CMS and blogging platform, WordPress has a number of good things on its side. Here are the most important advantages you can utilize using WordPress:

  • SEO Integration – One of the best features of WordPress as CMS is the fact that it come SEO plug-ins enabling it to handle your site’s search engine results, not to mention it has huge number of plugins that’ll suit your needs.
  • Uncomplicated Content Updates – The fact that using WordPress, websites have easy access on the technical work of their sites, everything concerning the page text and images, as well as text areas and custom modules of the site, makes it an important CMS platform. It is also a treat that you can edit all of those with only basic computer skills.
  • Blogging as its core – We all know that WordPress started as a blogging platform and it remains so in its core. Blogs are important in many online industries. With WordPress, blogs are intuitive and really simple.
  • Flexible Options for e-Commerce applications –WordPress is ideal as well for e-commerce applications with the many plugins that come with it and which allows for ordering, car processing and shipping to be relatively simple.
  • Duly Optimized for Smart Devices – This platform is also quite advanced as it enables for proper setting up of responsive theme for your site. This way, your website can be viewed consistently and is usable on all types of devices.

Cons of WordPress Website

Of course, it cannot be denied that WordPress has its own drawbacks. Following that, here are some things that you might not find that great with WordPress:

  • Tricky Custom Layouts and Themes for Rudimentary Computer Users
    Like in most CMS solutions, WordPress’ drawback is also its strength – plenty of basic layouts and themes to choose from it can make your site look like everyone else. Although WordPress also offers custom layouts and themes, the thing is that it requires some trick know-how which most people don’t have. That being the case, most users end up with sites looking like everyone else.
  • Regular Updates and Fixes are Constantly Needed
    WordPress is dynamic software that needs regular updates and fixes to function properly. This is to fight off pirates and hackers. Following that, you have to make sure to regularly update and put up some patches if you want your site to function properly.

WordPress is essentially a useful platform for blogging and as a CMS. It offers many benefits, but you must know that a simple website is not enough. Your ongoing marketing effort is what will determine your success, essentially.

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