Our fast paced world has an abundance of things that are identical but actually different. In the marketing arena for instance, most people mix up copywriting and content marketing. However, content marketing and copywriting are explicitly different.

What is the difference?

Let’s begin with the simple distinctions:

Content marketing pertains to the formation of shareable content materials which could either be video clips, downloaded documents, podcasts etc that companies publish to boost their brand awareness, build trust with the market, catch the attention of potential customers, develop leads and eventually generate more sales.

The major objective of any company’s content marketing initiatives is to send out content material that both existing and potential customers would find beneficial and interesting. Content marketing will not usually appear like a clear-cut advert.

However, copywriting is an infinitely more direct style of advertising and marketing. Great copywriting is generally brief, straight to the point, amusing, captivating and stimulates customers to take certain actions, example ‘’buy now’’, “sign up for free” or just ‘’read the content’’.

A few of the well-known forms of copywriting consist of calls to action as well as SEO (search engine optimization). SEO copywriting allows your content show up in prominent positions in search results which ultimately convert to a higher ROI.

How is copywriting applied to content marketing?

A beautifully written and extensively researched piece of writing could potentially position your company as an authority in your field and ultimately increase your company’s sales but copywriting could help with a wider publicity of your content by means of paid media strategies.

Why is content marketing important?

In a world of constantly advancing technologies that can make your head spin, you’ll be pleased to know that developing impressive content remains an important part of successful content marketing. Great content simply means great writing. There is absolutely no formula for creating great content.

Copywriting is not really different from the powerful sign or billboard you see while driving on the highway. They are designed to draws your attention and possibly influence you to take action. However there better be something there when you arrive. For a business to run a successful marketing campaign it requires both the roadside attraction as an eye-catcher and contents for in depth study should the need arise.

The Difference between Content Writers and Copywriters

A content writer deals in volume

A content writer writes volumes of contents, in other words he writes more content than the copywriter. When you give a content writer a great number of topics they’ll simply return many pieces of writing that perfectly meet your SEO requirements, minimum-word standards and convey the information.

If you are planning to overflow the internet with drivers to your site and position your company as one with an interest in a field of endeavor, a content writer can help you get the job done.

A copywriter deals in quality

The job of copywriters is to influence and persuade, give a copywriter a business outcome and they’ll return with a number of short messages that meet all the best suited emotional and psychological tones that’ll yields results. If your purpose is to generate or increase sales or position your company as the most preferred choice you’ll greatly benefit from the service of a copywriter.