There are certain reasons why your client doesn’t want to compensate you money that is equally worth of your design. However, this experience would make you think that people don’t literally know the ultimate value when it comes to good design. Truth is, you are never alone with this kind of experience since a lot of designers today compete in terms of rate instead of quality.

Apparently, a lot of non-designer clients are just not able to see the real deal when it comes to design. Hence, most of them choose to work with the cheapest designers just to save money rather than getting the best and top quality design.

Common reasons why people just don’t pay for quality

1) Not Worth to Pay =(

Perhaps, people tend to choose on designing the indefinite although most of them love to see great designs. In fact, people are mostly aware that a good design serves as an essential and effective tool to make sure that their target audience will get interested in what they offer. However, they believe that it is not worth to pay for. This, of course, is affected by psychological aspects where in people tend to assume that they are good at something even if that is not their line of work.

Provided that designers are not in favor of such overconfidence, they always tend to come across non-designer clients that usually intervene during the entire design while insisting that such service is not worth paying for. The thing with an excellent design is that, people are not fully aware on how to value it in a more objective way.

Therefore, there are dark sides that perhaps you’re not aware of when it comes to awesome designs. Some would even appear to be so simple yet non-designer clients don’t know how difficult it is to come up with such output. Most designers pour out sweat, tears, and blood just to create a design. Also, misplaced confidence has something to do with all these.

2) Non designer believe that they can do better

Oftentimes, people would think that they can actually do what designers do and sometime even better. This kind of thinking often lead them to believing that it’s not worth to pay certain amount of money for a very simple design. You can never change their mind even if you try to explain them the entire process you’ve gone through just to come up with a specific design.

But take note that this is not all clients’ fault. Designers actually have issues when it comes to underpricing and undervaluing their work. With that, it significantly decreases the value of designs in the market. When designers charge higher, their clients will take the project more seriously because it’s all about giving value to the money they give as payment. In most cases, clients depend on the opinions of managers and marketers in terms of design cost.

People tend to look for custom solutions that perfectly match their needs. As a designer, you need to provide your clients with more personalized service in order to make them understand that design making is never easy.