Logo Design Services

One of the important things in a business is having the best company logo design. For some reasons, it is the easiest way to familiarize your brand or company name to get an instant public recognition.

Company Logos may vary from each other through the use of different types of logo design. There are five basic logo designs such as:


  • Emblem – it is a type of logo design wherein the logo covers the name of company inside the design. Some of well-known companies use this type.
  • Iconic or symbolic way – it embodies the company in a very simple and bold style. Specifically, it is in an abstract form. Most of the companies use simple logo that can easily be recognized.
  • Letter Mark – mostly the letter marks is printed. The use of symbol can identify the company by means of using brand or company’s initials. Some of the business owners prefer to use this type of logo to make the name shorter.
  • Combination Mark – this type of logo is a combination of symbolic or iconic manner and word mark type. They give the brand name as well as their symbol altogether.
  • Word Mark – this one of the most creative ways that can give the right spell of the name of brand or company.

A company logo is definitely important for the production of your company.

It will not represent only one person but it will be the image embodying an organization.

What our clients say:

My company logo was professionally done up and advisor understood what we needed.  What I like about the service was the consistent high quality of service which is friendly and non-patronising.

Mr Tan Jian Hao

Operations Manager, Elvo Pte Ltd

I have worked with Jaden since 2010, first as colleagues and later as a client. He is a creative designer that combines artistic expression with workable ideas. While working on projects with a specific theme, Jaden is able to grasp the “story” behind it and recommend a concept or design that is appropriate. He has brought lots of life and creativity to many of the projects that I’ve worked with him. Jaden is also responsible, responsive to deadlines and willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Ms Khor Hwee Eng

Regional Marketing Business Partner, Kantar Health