Packaging Design Services

Your packaging may mean the difference selling your service or product and it being left on the shelf. That is why packaging should be appropriate for its purpose, have brand relevance, visual impact, and appeal to your targeted audience. Due to this, we perform competitor analysis as well as right market research before we start creating your preferred packaging design. This ensures that your product will not only look good, but also reads well and will be sold immediately.

With our expertise and skills in marketing, we make sure that your design has all the buying triggers needed to build and attract loyal customers. We understand every business’ needs and we know the best solution to help you make a lasting impression.

We do:

  • Box packaging design
  • Bread packaging design
  • Dog food packaging design
  • Drink packaging design
  • Food packaging design
  • Gift packaging design
  • Jewellery packaging design
  • Mooncake packaging design


A company logo is definitely important for the production of your company.

It will not represent only one person but it will be the image embodying an organization.

What our clients say:

My company logo was professionally done up and advisor understood what we needed.  What I like about the service was the consistent high quality of service which is friendly and non-patronising.

Mr Tan Jian Hao

Operations Manager, Elvo Pte Ltd

We were initially attracted by Make8nice vision in design “the design firm that truly cares about your needs and the needs of your business”, and having now experienced their service to design an ad for a UK nationwide newspaper we truly believe that they have a business model that works. They are great with communication, delivery and most importantly are extremely efficient in execution which meant less time spent going back and forth. They acted with great professionalism and efficiency. We are looking forward to do more business with them.

Mr Cyril Tuzemen

Director, Vesper Homes Ltd